Kathy Reeves

Business Development Manager

Kathy Reeves is a hands-on expert in eCommerce, available to speak with authority on real-life details about eCommerce payment and fraud.  She developed her expertise on the retail side, managing payment acceptance at RadioShack and Computer City.  She moved to leading online jewelry retailer Zale Corporation in 1996, where she managed dotcom operations for that company’s checkout process, payment acceptance, risk management, fulfillment, chargeback settlement, and customer service.  Given the nature of the Zale product, it is fair to say she developed a specialty in online fraud prevention. Since she has been at CyberSource in a business development capacity, she has given numerous presentations on eCommerce payment and risk to banking and retail groups in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Canada.  She is on the Board of Directors of the Merchant Risk Council, a group of merchants and banks whose primary focus is to educate online merchants on fraud prevention, payment processing and security.